Volunteer Interview, building community.

My Volunteer Days

We asked Josephine Williams about her work with Gather Baltimore.

GBB vol int photo1

Born and raised in Pasadena, the Glen Burnie resident, who is studying for a degree in addiction counseling, began volunteering at GB in 2016.


Tell us about your work at GB.

I work every Thursday. I help evaluate the quality of the produce. What doesn’t pass inspection goes to compost.

What’s the best thing about volunteering at GB?

To see people receiving bags of produce.

I volunteer with homeless outreach, and I tell people about Gather Baltimore, hoping they’ll come by and experience this side of life, and learn about the produce. I see homeless people living in the woods along Crain Highway. I try to help them.

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What’s your favorite produce?

Fruit. I make the wildest smoothies in town! I drink a breakfast smoothie every day. I juice oranges, mangoes, almond milk, grapes, even a fresh garlic clove. It’s delicious!

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