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February 26, 2016

Fresh at The Avenue- Grand Opening

The Avenue Market- Fresh and Affordable Produce

This Saturday, a new place to buy fresh produce is opening in the middle of the West Baltimore food desert.  Launched by the No Boundaries Coalition, Fresh At the Avenue is a weekly produce stand operating every Saturday starting February 27, 2016.  The produce stall is a community-driven solution, was created by a resident-led health committee and is being staffed by volunteers….[ read more]



Fall, 2015

Gather Baltimore- Affordable, Healthy Food in Baltimore City

MyCity4HER- Gather Baltimore

These days, all food is expensive, let’s face it, depending on where you live in Baltimore, FRESH and HEALTHY food might not even be available. Gather Baltimore is trying to do something about that…[ read more]



September 14, 2015

Fresh Beets- No Boundaries Coalition

West Baltimore- Fresh and Affordable Produce

Join the No Boundaries Coalition select Saturdays this fall at the Avenue Market for FRESH BEETS. This free series, held on select Saturdays through December, will provide healthy eating resources, cooking demos, sample tastings, music, and affordable produce bags provided by Gather Baltimore …[ read more]



February 12, 2015

Arthur Morgan – Open Society Institute

Arthur Morgan – Open Society Institute

The epiphany hit Arthur Morgan at the Farmers Market one Sunday morning. Just before noon, when the market was to end, vendors would begin throwing away food they could not sell. Morgan watched as hungry people rummaged through the discarded food, even picking up produce that had fallen on the ground…[ read more]



Septemeber 16, 2014

City Paper Ranks Gather Baltimore Best Nonprofit

Best Nonprofit – Gather Baltimore

Collect leftover food before it goes bad and give it to people who need it. A brilliant idea. That’s the MO of Gather Baltimore, the 2-year-old brainchild of OSI Fellow and Hamilton Crop Circle founder Arthur Morgan…[ read more]



June 4, 2014

Gather Baltimore Sponsors Pile of Craft

Pile of Craft Sponsor Highlight- Gather Baltimore/ Hamilton Crop Circle

I have little patience for those who think Baltimore is somehow what they watched on The Wire. I am equally tired of those who complain and wring their hands about the troubles the city faces. Instead I choose to think positive and support those who seek solutions to the problems, those who instead of complaining take action to do something about specific problems…[ read more]



September 20, 2013

WYPR 88.1 FM – National Public Radio: The Signal

Gather Baltimore: Gleaning in Baltimore to combat the city’s food insecurity issues.

The term ‘gleaning’ goes back to the Old Testament.  In Biblical times, when farmers harvested a field, they’d opt not to go over it a second time, so the poor could follow behind and gather the uncollected grain to feed themselves.  That ancient balancing of bounty and need is a lesson not lost on the modern-day volunteer organization, Gather Baltimore.  Producer Aaron Henkin brings us the story.

listen here ] or visit the episode page ]



August 13, 2013

WEAA 88.9 FM – The Marc Steiner Show: Sound Bites 

Episode  – Rural MD Needs Immigration Reform | Update: Gather Baltimore | Why Bees Are Dying

The Gather Baltimore segment is at the 14:28 mark listen here ] or visit the episode page ]


July 10, 2013

WTMD 89.7 FM – Made in Maryland 

Made in Maryland: Hamilton Crop Circle

The Hamilton Crop Circle and Gather Baltimore have a mutual mission, to provide Baltimore with sustainable food, any way possible.  Growing, composting, fertilizing and brewing a complete circle of food nutrition.  [Listen Here]



June 30, 2013

Capital Bay News

‘Gather Baltimore’ Gives Away More Than 30,000 Pounds Of Food

Baltimore Farmers’ Market, Bond Street, Food, Gather Baltimore, Vegetables

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Helping the hungry, one veggie at a time.

On Sunday, “Gather Baltimore” gave away more than 30,000 pounds of free produce on Bond Street.

The volunteer based program collects unsold vegetables, fruit and bread from the … [Read More]



June 24, 2013

Baltimore Brew

Feeding Baltimore’s poor with fresh food: A man who is making it happen


Arthur Morgan is a visionary. He envisions a food distribution system that feeds Baltimore’s hungry – all of them – with fresh and healthful food.

While certainly not the first or only person to work for this objective, he is one of the few willing to deal with the complex administrative issues standing in the way of making it actually happen.

His organization, Gather Baltimore, understands that bringing fresh food to the poor requires the participation of hundreds of people and entities, ranging from volunteers in the neighborhoods to large food service distributors.

As part of his mission, Morgan has an urban farm plot at the Hamilton Elementary Middle School where a few days of the week he teaches the kids about food and nutrition. He gripes that he is not permitted to bring fresh fruits and veggies to the cafeteria, but understands the law.

On a recent Friday, I met him at his Hamilton Crop Circle where he began his food outreach four years ago. In the hoop house, he grows produce to sell at his stand at the…  Read More ]



May 15, 2013

WEAA 88.9 FM – The Marc Steiner Show: Sound Bites

Episode  – African American Farmers, Dwindling Bee Populations, And Gather Baltimore

The Gather Baltimore segment is at the 39:50 mark listen here ] or visit the episode page ]



March 21, 2013

WEAA 88.9 FM – The Marc Steiner Show: Sound Bites

Episode  – Farmer’s Markets, Race, & Food Access In Our Region And Beyond, Plus A Unique Passover Recipe

The Gather Baltimore segment is at the 34:18 mark listen here ] or visit the episode page ]



February 25, 2013

The Awesome Foundation Blog

Interview: Grant uno goes to Gather Baltimore!
It’s been a few weeks since we handed out our FIRST GRANT to the totally rad and ever-worthy Arthur Morgan for his project, Gather Baltimore. That picture to the right is the dashing Morgan getting his cool cash dough from Awesome Baltimore Trustee, Briony Hynson, and Guest Trustee, Dixon Stetler! Yippee!Our kick-ass trustee, Chloe Gallagher talked to the Gather Baltimore folks to gain some insight into how and why they do the work they do.


Awesome Baltimore: How did the idea of Gather Baltimore originate? When did you decide that you needed to make it a reality?

Gather Baltimore: The epiphany hit Arthur Morgan at the Farmers Market one Sunday morning. Just before noon, when the market was to end, vendors would begin throwing away food they could not sell. Morgan watched as hungry people rummaged through the discarded food, even picking up produce that had fallen on the ground. ”I said, ‘Holy Moly! Look at all this food that is going to waste,’” Morgan says. So Morgan, himself an urban farmer, devised a way to….Read More ]



February 25, 2013

CrossFit Federal Hill

CrossFit Federal Hill donates $500.00 to our GiveCorps Campaign. [Video]




February 19, 2013

What Weekly Magazine

“Holy moly, there’s so many people who need this food.”

542583_434496923270960_1581939903_n-e1361236000483As an urban farmer, Arthur Gray Morgan was shocked by how much food was tossed away at the end of a farmer’s market.

Morgan thought, “Holy moly, there’s so many people who need this food.”

And so, Gather Baltimore was born.

Now Morgan and a group of volunteers are bringing healthy food access to neighborhoods throughout Baltimore. They harvest, pick up donations from local stores and collect unsold produce from the farmer’s market and deliver it to local communities – for free.

The need for this service is immense, so Morgan recently purchased a refrigerated food truck to scale up the program and increase their…. Read More ]




January 10, 2013

So You’re New To Bmore

Gather Baltimore

Screen shot 2013-01-06 at 10.16.39 PMI’m a plant killer.  The above is just one example of the tragedies plants endure under my care.  When I was in college, Planty also survived a hurricane in a flooded garage, and I once left him outside in a snowstorm. He miraculously made it through the ledge-jumping tragedy, only to later reach a tragic end due to a lack of sunlight in my old apartment.  My mother attempted to revive him, to no avail, and so he ended his four years on this planet.  She graciously gave me one of her geranium’s offspring, and thus Planty Jr was born.  Planty Jr does best here in Baltimore when I forget to water him, which I do often.  He keeps company with Unnamed Bushy Green Thing on my bookshelf, who also doesn’t seem to mind that I ignore him quite often.  They entertain one another.

I kill plants, but I love plants.  It really is quite unfortunate.  More than looking at plants, I love to eat plants.  I have no yard, and the closest thing I have to outdoor space is half a fire escape I share with my neighbors.  Except, my neighbors have a proper door out onto the fire escape and I have to climb over my bed and through my window onto mine.  No plants live out there – they’d die (I already inadvertently killed a friend’s plant out there).  I wish that I not only were better with plants, but that I could sow seeds properly and grow… [Read More]



December 10, 2012

Roving Media Productions

Getting to the Root of the Matter – Gather Baltimore [Video]
 Getting to the Root of the Matter



December 4, 2012

Hidden Baltimore

Farmers Feeding the Hungry Story – Kathleen Jordan & Dayne Buttafuoco

img_0359Gather Baltimore is one of the newest fellowships granted with a $60,000 grand from the Open Society Institute- Baltimore.

Gather Baltimore is a volunteer-based program focused on collecting fresh produce donated at the farmers markets for people in the area who lack a healthy food source. Volunteers redistribute the items to local hospitals, meal programs and faith communities. The money in the grant from OSI-Baltimore doesn’t fund the collection and delivery process, but acts as a full-time salary for Morgan. This allows Morgan to make Gather Baltimore his sole priority to the community.

Founded by Arthur Morgan, the initiative didn’t always have a name, but it always had a purpose.

“It wasn’t originally called that,” said Joe Hamilton, a volunteer of Gather Baltimore. “It was just an element of what Hamilton Crop Circle did, that is collecting up the food and taking it to food meals and soup kitchens.”

Hamilton began working with Morgan in 2008. At the time, Hamilton worked within his own neighborhood of Rodger’s Forge in Baltimore County to maximize food production in residential spaces. Both were featured in a Baltimore Sun article covering multiple garden initiatives, Morgan’s at the time was…. Read More ]



November 19, 2012

The Baltimore Sun

Gather Baltimore distributes food to the needy. [Video]

November 18, 2012

The Baltimore Sun

Gathering healthy food for the hungry, not just at Thanksgiving – by Jamie Smith Hopkins

Assignment ID: B582523593Z.1. Gather Baltimore volunteers are harvesting produce and collecting donations Sunday to give to BaltimorTwo dozen volunteers were on their hands and knees Sunday morning, harvesting abundant greens or bagging them to give away in a Baltimore neighborhood where both healthy food.

Thanksgiving was on some of their minds, but the effort is about far more than eating well on one day of the year.

Gather Baltimore, the fledging group that organized the rapid harvest, does this work every week — collecting food that would otherwise go to waste and distributing it in city neighborhoods. Sunday was Oliver’s turn, the third time the group brought food to the East Baltimore community.

“Oliver is considered a healthy food ‘desert,'” said Earl Johnson, a Gather Baltimore volunteer who helped found Operation: Oliver, a separate effort to revitalize that neighborhood. “There’s a great need for food that’s healthy.”Johnson and the rest of the crew made quick …. Read More ]