Blue Bag Program


bag o fruit

When Gather Baltimore receives donations of surplus produce, we turn this produce into our Healthy Blue Bag, each of which contains enough produce to keep a family of four stocked for a week. Because this food is donation-based, we cannot control exactly what we have each week, meaning that each Blue Bag will be a little bit different. However, each contains at least 7 different types of produce, from potatoes to kale to mushrooms to pineapple. Sometimes we’ll even have unusual items like jicama- try it out! We understand that this quantity of produce may be too much for some individuals and families, but that’s what neighbors are for!

In order to support our operating expenses, we ask for a $7 donation for each Blue Bag (cash only at this point). If you feel that you truly cannot manage this, feel free to come and talk to us. We’re happy to listen. However, please understand that these donations are extremely important to keep the produce deliveries coming (fuel for refrigerated trucks isn’t cheap!). We wouldn’t ask if we didn’t need it.

Gather Baltimore Healthy Blue Bags are available for pick-up by the general public at our warehouse (see below). Gather Baltimore also distributes Blue Bags to targeted communities through a network of partner organizations. If you are affiliated with an organization or group that you believe could benefit from our Healthy Blue Bag Program, please see our Partnership page.

Quantities and timing of availability vary within the hours listed below. Please call 443-990-1627 to learn when bags are available.

Pick up location:
Gather Baltimore Warehouse
2800 Sisson Street
Baltimore, Maryland

Thursday   11am – 4pm
Friday         11am – 4pm
Saturday      11am – 4pm
Sunday         11am – 4pm